Parapsychology Foundation Fall 2016 Book Expo Enrollment Ready!

Here’s the link: for the free Book Expo Fall 2016 from the Parapsychology Foundation.


Click the link above for more information and the free enrollment button and join Lisette Coly, Dr. Carlos S. Alvarado, Dr. Nancy L. Zingrone, and especially the authors: Dr. Julia Mossbridge, Titus Rivas and Rudolf H. Smith, and Dr. Renaud Evrard!









And as always if you can’t join us on the day (from noon through about 5:30pm Eastern on the social media teaching platform, if you enroll you’ll be able to see the recordings and download the materials at your earliest convenience! (Create a free learners account on WizIQ and join us!)


Parapsychology Foundation Lyceum Forum October 15th 2016

We’ve been so busy this last year with work on the ParaMOOC2016, the Second Life MOOC (a course based in the virtual world Second Life but on teaching in virtual worlds in general that Nan’s involved in), helping to set up and populate the Parapsychology Foundation YouTube Channel, and being involved in all kinds of parapsychology-related projects, that we are embarrassed at how long it’s been since we blogged on this site.

ParaMOOC2017 is in the planning stages, and we will start announcing the line up and the dates in November. In the meantime the Parapsychology Foundation is hosting its first online PF Lyceum Forum on physical mediumship. The Forum starts on Saturday October 15th, 2016 at 1:00pm Eastern on the WizIQ social media teaching platform. The Forum will stay open to registration until November 14th. There will be live sessions on both the 15th of October and the 22nd of October and lots of materials and extras in the virtual conference room to wade through after the live sessions are recorded.

Nan just made yesterday afternoon and posted in the wee hours today a 3-minute trailer about PF Lyceum Forum with information about the presenters/presentations, and about registration and requesting a scholarship if needed. Here’s the video:

If you find it interesting, please register. The virtual conference room is already open and you can register at any time. Also check out some of the other offerings on the Parapsychology Foundation YouTube channel. Something new is added every Friday. Enjoy!

ParaMOOC 2016 Starts January 18th on WizIQ

This morning our new free massively open online course, Parapsychology Research and Education was approved for the marketplace on the social media teaching platform, We’re delighted. Last year’s MOOC is still open to enrollees and you can find out more about it by clicking on the ParaMOOC2015 tab on the navigation bar above.

This year we will have an all new line-up of guest speakers. We’re hoping to schedule 15 people from January 18th through February 20th, 2015 for the live lectures and so far 12 have confirmed their participation. On the first weekend of the Mooc, we will also be encouraging Mooc attendees to register for the Parapsychology Foundation International Affiliates Conference, also free, and also on the WizIQ platform.

Sooo if you’re interested in the scientific study of psychic phenomena and want to here more from some of the best and brightest international research in academic and scientific parapsychology talk about their own research, this MOOC is for you.  Not only will you have access to us (Carlos Alvarado and I) and our speakers, but you will have access to each other through the discussion forums, the Q & A sessions after the live talks, and the course feed. Last year over 1000 people from 90+ countries came together in the frame and a lot of good discussions, friendships and one romance bloomed on the course. You can never tell what will happen this year!

Here are the speakers who have confirmed in order of their appearance on the schedule:

  • Professor Antonia Mills (University of British Columbia) on reincarnation research
  • Dr. William Everist (Pima County College) on mediumship
  • Dr. David Luke (University of Greenwich) on psychedelics and ESP
  • Professor Bernard Carr (Queen Mary College, University of London) on hyperdimensional ideas and psychic functioning
  • Dr. Ginette Nachman on mind-body medicine and non-local influences in healing
  • Professor Erlendur Haraldsson (University of Iceland) on apparitions of the dead
  • Dr. Stephan Schmidt (University of Freiburg) on distant intentions
  • Dr. Jan Holden (University of North Texas) on near-death experiences
  • Dr. Renaud Evrard (University of Lorraine) on clinical aspects of exceptional experiences
  • Dr. Arnaud Delorme (Paul Sabatier University in Toulouse, France and University of California at San Diego) on psychophysiology and neuroscience of mediumship
  • Dr. Serena Roney-Dougal (Psi Research Centre, Glastonbury, England) on meditation and psi
  • Dr. Patrizio Tressoldi (University of Padova) on ESP and generalized quantum theory
  • Dr. Carlos S. Alvarado (Parapsychology Foundation & The AZIRE), on recent trends in historical writing about parapsychology.

To register in the course which starts on Monday, January 18th and to find out more about it, click Parapsychology Research and Education or ParaMOOC2016 on WizIQ.

More information will be included here as soon as the schedule is set up on the WizIQ Course schedule! See you there!

The Parapsychology Foundation Book Expo 2015

So last week was really busy. The Parapsychology Foundation (PF) sponsored an online Book Expo on the WizIQ social media teaching platform with six speakers. Three of the speakers were chief editors of the three most important books published in scientific parapsychology in 2015, and three were authors of very interesting non-fiction books that touched on aspects of the field.

Parapsychology Foundation Book Expo 2015 Illustration42 registrants, 15 of them attending the live sessions, signed up after a couple of weeks of marketing, and as always, they contributed fantastic questions that helped live class attendees and will help future attendees to learn even more about the volumes featured.

For Lisette Coly, the President of the Parapsychology Foundation, and Carlos and I (as PF Research Fellows), it was a really exciting day. Unfortunately it was also a really exciting day for the support team at WizIQ because there were some connectivity issues that scuttled two of our talks. The folks at WizIQ are great people though, and the last three sessions of the Book Expo went off without a hitch.

Because of the day’s issues, the PF will be setting up another afternoon of the two missed presentations, probably the first Saturday in December (more on that soon). In the meantime we have the opening and closing sessions and four great presentations available to anybody who would like to go WizIQ and sign up for the Book Expo. What follows are the the links to sign up, the link to the whole day’s events, and the individual links to the available recordings.

It’s free! To sign up for the PF Book Expo 2015 and see the recordings go to and set up a free student account. You can either use your Facebook log-in or scroll down and create a new account. Once you’ve done that paste this link in your browser and click the “Enroll” button when you see it:

Session 1: Opening Session with Lisette Coly and I opening the Book Expo, describing the day’s events and giving live attendees advice on how to interface with the WizIQ live classroom:

Session 1 PowerPoint (contains the biographies and book information for all the scheduled speakers):

Session 2: Professor Etzel Cardeña (Lund University) on Parapsychology: A Handbook for the 21st Century (McFarland):

Session 3: David Jaher on The Witch of Lime Street (Penguin Random House):

Session 4: Dr. Edward F. Kelly on Beyond Physicalism: Towards Reconciliation of Science and Spirituality (Rowman & Littlefield):

Session 5: Allene Symons, Aldous Huxley’s Hands: His Quest for Perception and the Origin and Return of Psychedelic Science (Prometheus Press):

Session 6: Professor Jim B. Tucker (University of Virginia) on Return to Life: Extraordinary Cases of Children Who Remember Previous Lives (St. Martin’s Griffin):

Session 7: Dr. Ed May (Laboratories for Fundamental Research) on Extrasensory Perception: Support, Skepticism and Science (Praeger ABC-Clio):

Session 8. Lisette and I talking about the 65th anniversary year of the PF (in 2016) and the events that are lined up for 2016, the redesign of the Foundation’s websites, and when Allene Symons (Aldous Huxley’s Hands: His Perception and the Origins and Return of Psychedelic Science, published by Prometheus Books) and Dr. Ed Kelly (University of Virginia, Beyond Physicalism: A Reconciliation of Science and Spirituality, published by Rowman & Littlefield) will be rescheduled:




Parapsychology Foundation Forum: Recent Advances in UK Parapsychology

Lisette Coly of the Parapsychology Foundation just announced the first-ever online Parapsychology Foundation Forum. Built as part of the events for a week-long visit from five folks from the University of Northampton, the Forum will be subtitled “Recent Advances in UK Parapsychology.” Professor Chris Roe and Dr. Elizabeth Roxburgh will give talks as will Cal Cooper, a lecturer at Northampton, Rachel Evenden, a Research Assistant, and David Saunders, a doctoral student.

The forum will be delivered through the WizIQ social media teaching platform on Wednesday, May 20th, starting at noon and ending around 7pm. Each presentation will be a separate live class in the Forum on WizIQ and will be recorded, so there’s no need to attend live, if your time zone or schedule does not permit. The forum is free as well. For more information on how to register go to the Press Release on the Parapsychology Foundation’s main website by clicking here. Information on how to sign up for a free account at WizIQ and then enroll for the course. Or if you already have a WizIQ account, click here to enroll.

A blog with more information (times, biographies, abstracts) will be available on the Parapsychology Foundation Lyceum website Blog page over the weekend. Come join us!

Looking for a Global Reach for the Upcoming OBE Course

Hi Folks:

We’ve decided that for our upcoming OBE course (scroll down for information on the post below or by clicking the course tab on the navigation bar), we’re going to offer two of everything. We had so many folks from all over the world in our recent MOOC (ParaMOOC2015, more information on the tab in the navigation bar) that we felt we needed to make sure the live portions of the upcoming fee-based course are scheduled in such a way as to accommodate learners from around the globe.

Our class lectures for the OBE course (starts the week of March 9th) will be scheduled at 2pm Eastern and at 7:30pm Eastern on four Tuesdays, starting with Tuesday, March 10th. Each lecture will be 90 minutes long to accommodate post-class discussion time, and will be on the same topic. So same speaker (either Carlos or I), same PowerPoint, but two live lectures on “Lecture Day.”

We’re still canvassing the folks who have indicated that they want to sign up to discover whether Thursday or Saturday would be better for two live discussion forums (and if the class is interested, with a Second Life open house in between). If you are interested in the course and have a preference leave us a comment or click on the registration page listed above.

More news soon!

Best from both of us!

The Upcoming Course on Out-of-Body Experience Research

Starting on March 9th, 2015, Carlos and I are offering a private, fee-based four-week course called Mind without a Body: Exploring Out-of-Body Experiences. Carlos will be giving most, if not all, of the substantive lectures although OBE apparitions is one of my favorite topics, so we will see. I will be handling the course facilitation, doing some tutorials for learners new to the WizIQ social media platform, and handling WizIQ-based discussion forums.

The course will be pitched at a high level like our recent ParaMOOC2015, the massively (okay only 850 or so …) open online course. Our goal with our teaching business is to provide resources for learners who want to come into contact with the best of the research. Unlike ParaMOOC2015 the new course is the first of a series of single phenomena-, institution-, approach-, individual-focused learning opportunities we are planning to offer over the next many years. We hope having a single goal for each course will not only let us get into the details, but also give the learners a chance to read more and discuss more on a single subject.

These short courses are fee-based because we hope to be able to support ourselves in the future on our teaching and research activities and get a bit farther away from the publishing and editorial work we have been doing to supplement our incomes over the majority of our life together.  The courses are also affordable, though, because it is really important to us that as many people as possible who want to take part can afford to do so. By keeping prices low on individual courses and conferences, and offering free lectures and an annual MOOC, we hope to balance our two goals in such a way as to be is good for folks who are interested, good for us, and good for the field as well.

We have always loved to learn. Alvarado is always reading something new and I am always watching something new being addicted to online courses on WizIQ and Cousera, not to mention on YouTube (CrashCourse comes to mind …). And we have come to agree with our teaching online mentors and colleagues that teaching is learning: How much we have learned from the folks who inhabited our on-site and online classrooms over the years! But we especially like to give back to younger colleagues and folks who are new to scientific parapsychology and anomalistic psychology.

Carlos S. Alvarado and Nancy L. Zingrone in 1983

Carlos S. Alvarado and Nancy L. Zingrone in 1983

Giving back now is paying the debt we owe to all the people who helped us when we were first starting out. As undergraduates in our separate cities, Carlos had a Professor at the University of Puerto Rico and I had a Professor at Mundelein College in Chicago who were both interested in the scientific side of the field. They shared their libraries, their interests, held courses and otherwise opened up an area of study to supplement our love of psychology. Both had a healthy skepticism and an interest in the scientific method. And both felt that taking what seemed to be psychic experiences seriously enough to conduct research was a totally legitimate undertaking. Provided, of course, they both warned, that you allowed yourself to be led by the data even if results wandered away from your favorite theories or hopes.

So whatever we do now, and what we hope to do in the future, will be following in those specific footsteps as well as those of other mentors and friends, paying it forward.

If you’re interested in out-of-body experiences and would like to learn more about the course, just click on Exploring OBEs here or on the menu above and read more.