Parapsychology and Psychology Online Conference: An Addition to the Schedule

Hi Folks:

Next weekend is the online conference Parapsychology and Psychology: Research and Theory. We are delighted to say that Dr. Jim Carpenter, long-time clinical psychologist and parapsychology researcher will be giving a presentation based on his ground-breaking book, First Sight, on Sunday, November 2nd at 3pm Eastern. We moved the Reminder about the Poster Session Materials and Closing Discussion back to 5pm Eastern on Sunday to accommodate Jim’s talk.

Click on the “Conferences” tab above for information about registration or requesting an invitation through our scholarship fund, and on “Conference Schedule” to see the complete schedule. Abstracts and Biographies will be up on the page soon.

You can also go and check out our YouTube channel Parapsychology Online for the conference playlist which gives helpful hints about setting up your Conference Room account and joining us either this weekend live Saturday and Sunday, November 1st and 2nd, or at your leisure from November 3rd forward when all the recordings and course materials will be available for browsing and viewing at your convenience.

See you there!


Nan & Carlos


Welcome to Parapsychology Online: Our New Conference is Coming Up November 1st & 2nd!

Welcome to Parapsychology Online, the blogsite that supports our YouTube Channel, Parapsychology Online, and our Facebook Page Parapsychology Online.

We’ve just finalized the live presentation schedule for our first online conference on parapsychology. We have Dr. Renaud Evrard from the University of Strasbourg, Dr. Alejandro Parra from the Institute for Paranormal Psychology in Buenos Aires, Dr. Patrizio Tressoldi from the University of Padova in Italy, Dr. Chris Roe from Northampton University in England, and Dr. Christine Simmonds-Moore from the University of West Georgia in the USA. Dr. Carlos S. Alvarado is also giving a presentation, and we have a prestigious list of Poster Presentation Contributors as well (more on that tomorrow!). Click on the Conference Schedule button above for more information. Dr. Nancy L. Zingrone (me) is organizing the conference along with Alvarado.

The conference is being dedicated to Dr. Gertrude Schmeidler, a 20th-century psychologist who worked for many years on the relationship of what seemed to be psychic phenomena and abilities to known perceptual states, personality traits and other psychological phenomena. Her biography is available here, and the Poster Presentations will include a stand-alone PowerPoint on her life and work.

Click on Conference Schedule above for more information! And come join us! The conference is going to be great!

Welcome to Parapsychology Online

This site is set up to support our online conferences, courses, and our YouTube Channel of the same name.

Find out more about our efforts to disseminate good quality information about a difficult field, about the nature of who we are as human beings, to make a space for critical thinking to meet spirituality and experience in a respectful and non-dogmatic way, and to raise one more voice for the importance of taking into account research and theory in parapsychology when pondering the phenomena.

Explore the tabs. New on the site, our first online conference, Parapsychology and Psychology: Research and Theory. Click Conferences above for details about how you can sign up for our two day online conference, this November 1st and 2nd (Saturday and Sunday, 2014).