Parapsychology and Psychology Online Conference: An Addition to the Schedule

Hi Folks:

Next weekend is the online conference Parapsychology and Psychology: Research and Theory. We are delighted to say that Dr. Jim Carpenter, long-time clinical psychologist and parapsychology researcher will be giving a presentation based on his ground-breaking book, First Sight, on Sunday, November 2nd at 3pm Eastern. We moved the Reminder about the Poster Session Materials and Closing Discussion back to 5pm Eastern on Sunday to accommodate Jim’s talk.

Click on the “Conferences” tab above for information about registration or requesting an invitation through our scholarship fund, and on “Conference Schedule” to see the complete schedule. Abstracts and Biographies will be up on the page soon.

You can also go and check out our YouTube channel Parapsychology Online for the conference playlist which gives helpful hints about setting up your Conference Room account and joining us either this weekend live Saturday and Sunday, November 1st and 2nd, or at your leisure from November 3rd forward when all the recordings and course materials will be available for browsing and viewing at your convenience.

See you there!


Nan & Carlos


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