So that was 8 days ago …

The free open online course, Parapsychology and Anomalistic Psychology: Research and Education is up to 453 registrants in total, 442 are attendees and 11 are the guest speakers who have signed up so far. We’re really excited about how the course has grown, and given that we have about two dozen guest speakers, once they’re set up, we will have over 460.

Lots of folks have been helping out in the publicity department — we think there has got to be folks we don’t even know who are out there spreading the word. So thanks whoever you are!

I have just uploaded a new schedule to the Parapsychology MOOC 2015 page on this website. The new schedule also lists the 12 “Poster Sessions,” that is, PowerPoint presentations that have been designed as stand-alones. You just click and read through the materials that are presented there.

To sign up for the course just click here and set up a free WizIQ account by using your Facebook log-in info or by just entering your email and a new password.

Come join us! (More news soon).


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