Looking for a Global Reach for the Upcoming OBE Course

Hi Folks:

We’ve decided that for our upcoming OBE course (scroll down for information on the post below or by clicking the course tab on the navigation bar), we’re going to offer two of everything. We had so many folks from all over the world in our recent MOOC (ParaMOOC2015, more information on the tab in the navigation bar) that we felt we needed to make sure the live portions of the upcoming fee-based course are scheduled in such a way as to accommodate learners from around the globe.

Our class lectures for the OBE course (starts the week of March 9th) will be scheduled at 2pm Eastern and at 7:30pm Eastern on four Tuesdays, starting with Tuesday, March 10th. Each lecture will be 90 minutes long to accommodate post-class discussion time, and will be on the same topic. So same speaker (either Carlos or I), same PowerPoint, but two live lectures on “Lecture Day.”

We’re still canvassing the folks who have indicated that they want to sign up to discover whether Thursday or Saturday would be better for two live discussion forums (and if the class is interested, with a Second Life open house in between). If you are interested in the course and have a preference leave us a comment or click on the registration page listed above.

More news soon!

Best from both of us!


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