Parapsychology Foundation Forum: Recent Advances in UK Parapsychology

Lisette Coly of the Parapsychology Foundation just announced the first-ever online Parapsychology Foundation Forum. Built as part of the events for a week-long visit from five folks from the University of Northampton, the Forum will be subtitled “Recent Advances in UK Parapsychology.” Professor Chris Roe and Dr. Elizabeth Roxburgh will give talks as will Cal Cooper, a lecturer at Northampton, Rachel Evenden, a Research Assistant, and David Saunders, a doctoral student.

The forum will be delivered through the WizIQ social media teaching platform on Wednesday, May 20th, starting at noon and ending around 7pm. Each presentation will be a separate live class in the Forum on WizIQ and will be recorded, so there’s no need to attend live, if your time zone or schedule does not permit. The forum is free as well. For more information on how to register go to the Press Release on the Parapsychology Foundation’s main website by clicking here. Information on how to sign up for a free account at WizIQ and then enroll for the course. Or if you already have a WizIQ account, click here to enroll.

A blog with more information (times, biographies, abstracts) will be available on the Parapsychology Foundation Lyceum website Blog page over the weekend. Come join us!