ParaMOOC 2016 Starts January 18th on WizIQ

This morning our new free massively open online course, Parapsychology Research and Education was approved for the marketplace on the social media teaching platform, We’re delighted. Last year’s MOOC is still open to enrollees and you can find out more about it by clicking on the ParaMOOC2015 tab on the navigation bar above.

This year we will have an all new line-up of guest speakers. We’re hoping to schedule 15 people from January 18th through February 20th, 2015 for the live lectures and so far 12 have confirmed their participation. On the first weekend of the Mooc, we will also be encouraging Mooc attendees to register for the Parapsychology Foundation International Affiliates Conference, also free, and also on the WizIQ platform.

Sooo if you’re interested in the scientific study of psychic phenomena and want to here more from some of the best and brightest international research in academic and scientific parapsychology talk about their own research, this MOOC is for you.  Not only will you have access to us (Carlos Alvarado and I) and our speakers, but you will have access to each other through the discussion forums, the Q & A sessions after the live talks, and the course feed. Last year over 1000 people from 90+ countries came together in the frame and a lot of good discussions, friendships and one romance bloomed on the course. You can never tell what will happen this year!

Here are the speakers who have confirmed in order of their appearance on the schedule:

  • Professor Antonia Mills (University of British Columbia) on reincarnation research
  • Dr. William Everist (Pima County College) on mediumship
  • Dr. David Luke (University of Greenwich) on psychedelics and ESP
  • Professor Bernard Carr (Queen Mary College, University of London) on hyperdimensional ideas and psychic functioning
  • Dr. Ginette Nachman on mind-body medicine and non-local influences in healing
  • Professor Erlendur Haraldsson (University of Iceland) on apparitions of the dead
  • Dr. Stephan Schmidt (University of Freiburg) on distant intentions
  • Dr. Jan Holden (University of North Texas) on near-death experiences
  • Dr. Renaud Evrard (University of Lorraine) on clinical aspects of exceptional experiences
  • Dr. Arnaud Delorme (Paul Sabatier University in Toulouse, France and University of California at San Diego) on psychophysiology and neuroscience of mediumship
  • Dr. Serena Roney-Dougal (Psi Research Centre, Glastonbury, England) on meditation and psi
  • Dr. Patrizio Tressoldi (University of Padova) on ESP and generalized quantum theory
  • Dr. Carlos S. Alvarado (Parapsychology Foundation & The AZIRE), on recent trends in historical writing about parapsychology.

To register in the course which starts on Monday, January 18th and to find out more about it, click Parapsychology Research and Education or ParaMOOC2016 on WizIQ.

More information will be included here as soon as the schedule is set up on the WizIQ Course schedule! See you there!


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