Parapsychology Foundation Lyceum Forum October 15th 2016

We’ve been so busy this last year with work on the ParaMOOC2016, the Second Life MOOC (a course based in the virtual world Second Life but on teaching in virtual worlds in general that Nan’s involved in), helping to set up and populate the Parapsychology Foundation YouTube Channel, and being involved in all kinds of parapsychology-related projects, that we are embarrassed at how long it’s been since we blogged on this site.

ParaMOOC2017 is in the planning stages, and we will start announcing the line up and the dates in November. In the meantime the Parapsychology Foundation is hosting its first online PF Lyceum Forum on physical mediumship. The Forum starts on Saturday October 15th, 2016 at 1:00pm Eastern on the WizIQ social media teaching platform. The Forum will stay open to registration until November 14th. There will be live sessions on both the 15th of October and the 22nd of October and lots of materials and extras in the virtual conference room to wade through after the live sessions are recorded.

Nan just made yesterday afternoon and posted in the wee hours today a 3-minute trailer about PF Lyceum Forum with information about the presenters/presentations, and about registration and requesting a scholarship if needed. Here’s the video:

If you find it interesting, please register. The virtual conference room is already open and you can register at any time. Also check out some of the other offerings on the Parapsychology Foundation YouTube channel. Something new is added every Friday. Enjoy!


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