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Nancy & Carlos, Utrecht, 2008

Nancy & Carlos, at the Parapsychology Foundation’s “Charting the Future of Parapsychology” Conference in Utrecht in 2008

This site is maintained by Nancy L. Zingrone and Carlos S. Alvarado. We are a colleagial couple with PhDs in psychology from the University of Edinburgh. Our career in the field has included time spent at the Rhine Research Center, the Parapsychology Foundation, and the Division of Perceptual Studies at the University of Virginia.

Recently we have started a new YouTube Channel called Parapsychology Online where we are highlighting good resources for information on the field, and related areas, and uploading slowly our own lectures and materials.

A related site is Alvarado’s blog, Parapsychology: News, History and Research, where Alvarado has just published his 100th blog post.



2 thoughts on “About us

  1. Time is Illusion

    Time is not at all what it seems to be.
    It is not flowing only in one direction,
    and the future exists simultaneously with the past.
    Albert Einstein

    The lecture, that the worlwide scientist Hans Peter Duerr held shortly before his death, was called: “The Matter is an Illusion”. I asked him, when matter is illusion then space and time has to be also an illusion. He reflected a bit, then he nodded and said “yes”.
    If I say that time doesn´t at all exist, I should be able to prove it. The time, as we understand it, exists only in our heads.Our brain is to simple to understand completely an event, in all it´s possible probabilities and just inserts boundaries. The past is separated from the future by the present.
    I have informed myself on Wikipedia and other internet pages on what generally is understood as a prove. To contradictory are the statements.
    The mathematical prove:
    From the little book “The Grammar of Logic” by Wolfgang Blum
    In the Research mathematicians are setting new theorems and prove them. But although that in the queen of science every definition is specified exactly, until today a question remains open: What is actually a PROVE?
    The scientific prove:
    From Wikipedia
    The deductive prove is called as stron prove. The inductive prove is indirect, it has to be confirmed/hardened through the number of checked single cases, thus empiric induction.
    Extended cognition is the abduction. A well-known instrument for examination of scientific hypthesis are repeatable and generalizable experiments.

    Example of a (one of hundreds) precognitive dream:
    A dream which describes in many details the happening and also the right geographical names, 15 years before!!

    Dream of 15.05.1990 (the brain stroke)
    I jump out of a window in order to fly. At first I almost reach the ground, but then I raise myself into the air and am flying always better, although the movements are not yet coordinated in a proper way. I am coming back over Valduna, in a big arch, place of departure is somewhere near Feldkirch? I then see a house in which at the very top there was a gable window (Giebelfenster) out of I had already jumped (or wanted to jump) and had fallen down onto the ground.

    In my book I also describe lucid dreams, the most implausible coincidences (which partly I have learnt to activate) which have happened to me and other events, which are not at all explainable. Almost everything I have learnt by the intensive study of the books by Seth/Jane Roberts.

    The author as he was hit by the stroke

    Pedestrian passage

    Gabel window

    At the 5th of April 2005 I fell down in a pedestrian passage in Feldkirch. At first I was taken to the hospital in Feldkirch, afterwards to the hospital in Rankweil/Valduna. After the stroke my hand writing has completely changed, so therefore I could even not have faked this dream.

    Hard and axiomatic proves:

    1) At the 5.4.05 I suffered a brain stroke, it can be read in the records and I still have aftereffects.
    2) The dream was written down demonstrably by me on 15.5.90.
    3) At first I was hospitalized in Feldkirch.
    4) Then I was hospitalized in Valduna/Rankweil. The name “Valduna” was always connected to a neurologic hospital.
    5) I could not have falsified the dream, my hand writing has changed completely after the stroke.
    Weak proves:
    1) Description of the subway with the “gabel window”
    2) In the dream I fell down too, as I suffered the stroke.
    3) “Movements are not completely right coordinated”. The coordination of movements has become meanwhile (10 years have passed) much better. But I still feel the difference.
    4) Big bow, the hospitals of Feldkirch and Valduna are not far away of each other, but they are in different valleys. To reach from one to the other on has to go a big bow.
    5) The chronology does not exactly accord with the course of events. As in the dream no chronical sequence is experienced, therefore it does not exist in the description of the drem.
    6) The big number of similar dreams prove, that this dreams was not an isolated case.
    7) In the dream I use the verb “to fly”. If it is replaced by “to be transported”, it is according exactly with the reality.

    Negative proves:
    There is nothing written in the dream which could derogate the former proves.

    Again a hint, how it is possible to “forsee” future events:
    If I am in front of a house, I can see well wat all happens there but I don´t see, what happpens on the other side. But if I am in a helicopter, 50 mts abve, I see the happenings of both sides. Therefore it depends only of the point of view. In the dream I have this heightened point of view, with extended field of sight.
    By the way, all people have this donation, but for the most one it is buried by our culture.


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